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Hillsdale Furniture Coupon Code

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Wesley Allen Beds

Legacy Classic Furniture Coupon Codes

Humble Abode, Inc. (humbleabode.com) has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau for over a decade and maintains an A+ rating. That’s no easy task for a nationwide business selling furniture online for over 15 years. Taking a closer look at Humble Abode’s most recent 100,000 orders of large furniture delivered to homes in the United States, you will find the company does not get it perfect every time, but reveals a lot for consumers to consider before buying.

  1. How will the furniture be shipped and delivered to your home? Humble Abode: “This may be the most important question you can ask. Most furniture is too large for UPS or FedEx Ground. Few consumers understand freight so many online retailers take advantage by using cheap shipping with common carriers, also known as Curbside Delivery or Back of Truck Delivery, who haul anything from cinder blocks to barrels of oil with large semi-trucks not capable of getting in many residential neighborhoods and often leave customer waiting for many hours. With Curbside Delivery, the one driver drops the furniture on the street leaving the consumer to figure out how to get it in the home. The biggest problem with Curbside Delivery is their high damage rate causing delays and another day of waiting for the truck to arrive, and it often gets damaged again. Instead of Curbside Delivery, Humble Abode ships large furniture with specialty carriers at no additional charge. Once the furniture arrives in your local area, an appointment person will call to schedule a time for delivery. The minimum service level for large freight furniture is Threshold Delivery, where a two man team will help place the furniture inside the ground floor front door. Humble Abode also offers white glove services with complete assembly and removal of packaging.”
  2. How long has the retailer been in business? Humble Abode “In business over 15 years, Humble Abode was founded in 1999 as an online furniture retailer”
  3. Are customer service professionals that understand furniture available to speak with, or is the retailer a mass merchant? Humble Abode: “The Humble Abode call center is open seven days a week, and every person that answers the phone has a four-year college degree with furniture training and full authority to do whatever necessary to take care of customers. Imagine stopping an employee in the hallway at your local discount mart store to ask them a question about the quality of a ceramic vase. Mass merchant retailers sell millions of things for the home like treadmills, spark plugs, garden hoses, pencils, groceries, cleaning supplies and home decor, so chances are the employee will know very little about the item. Because Humble Abode only sells furniture and home furnishings, all staff is trained specifically for furniture and knows the difference between French vs English Dovetail drawers, for example. Humble Abode Furniture Service Professionals love to help customers match furniture quality and design with a budget.”

For many customers, furniture accounts for their largest online purchase. Furniture represents your fashion, helps your life function and lasts a long time. Regardless of where you buy, we encourage you to use some precaution to ensure you have a good experience.

Magnussen Nova Collection

Magnussen Nova Collection

In 1931, the Magnussen family started a furniture business in Canada, a risky venture during the Great Depression. Through 80 years of growth and success, Magnussen Home’s commitment to quality and design has never wavered. Magnussen designs all their furniture in-house, never copying anyone and always staying on top of the latest trends in the home furnishings industry.

Magnussen’s style is considered transitional, most notably in how they  add thoughtful engineering and subtle contemporary elements to a traditional design. Magnussen Home embraces the idea that timeless classic furniture can include modern features like touch lighting, quality drawer glides, and extra storage.

Using hardwoods like cherry and mahogany, tried-and-true cabinetry techniques, and rich wood finishes are Magnussen traditions. Intricately carved wood and ironwork finish the look of a piece of furniture, and sets the tone of your home.

Magnussen’s designs allow the quality and rich heritage of classic furniture to meet the needs of today’s lifestyles.

See the Nova Bedroom Collection and other fine furniture by Magnussen Home at humbleabode.com.Magnussen Home Logo

Atherton Bedroom Collection by Brownstone Furniture at humbleabode.com

Start with a classy looking mid-century piece of furniture and blend in the clean lines of contemporary design. That is Brownstone’s signature design formula and few manufacturers, if any, do a better job of producing high design furniture that stays in style.

Brownstone Furniture understands that timeless designs should be built to last with the highest quality standards. Each piece of Browstone Furniture is built with the finest grade, environmentally-friendly woods, beautiful hardware, modern construction, and American-made finishing materials.

Striking bedroom and dining room collections by Brownstone Furniture offer sophisticated profiles, dashes of retro cool, and richly grained surfaces in durable, elegant finishes found nowhere else.

Furniture by Brownstone deserves the premium service Humble Abode customers have come to expect. Humble Abode includes white glove delivery and in-home setup at no additional charge for Brownstone orders of $799 or more.

See more outstanding Brownstone Furniture collections at humbleabode.com

Yorkshire Dining Collection by Winners Only Inc.

Yorkshire Dining Collection by Winners Only Inc.

After 25 years of making fine wood furniture that is priced within reason, Winners Only Inc. has developed a reputation for exceptional value.

Winners Only Inc Logo

Winners Only Inc. manufactures classic furniture designs out of select woods like American red oak and cherry, hardwood solids, and high-grade veneers.

They are known for their gorgeous, rich finishes, which include a multi-step wood finishing process and lacquer protective coats for years of performance.

Humble Abode is pleased to sell furniture by Winners Only, offered with our premium customer service and an array of shipping options, including white glove in-home delivery and set-up, so you can order online with confidence.

See more outstanding Winners Only collections at humbleabode.com

Lioness carries her cub

A lot of people are blogging this week about “What does Mom really want for Mother’s Day?

Most answers tend to fall in three categories:

1. A little peace and quiet away from the kids, no matter what age.

2. Some meaningful time just hanging out with their toddlers, teens, and adult children.

3. A heartfelt message of appreciation from the kids.

Note that not one of these requests requires money to buy stuff, just a little time and thoughtfulness.

Flowers, candy, and breakfast in bed are great, but most moms say a card or letter with words of love and gratitude from their child makes the hard work, sleep deprivation, and never having a moment alone all worthwhile.

Beloved humorist Erma Bombeck had a lot to say about motherhood, too. A couple of our favorites:

“When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.”

“I take a very practical view of raising children. I put a sign in each of their rooms: Checkout Time is 18 years.”

“I have never gone to the bathroom in my life that a small voice on the other side of the door hasn’t whined, “Are you saving the bananas for anything?”

Give mom what she really wants this Sunday – your time and affection.

Tuscano 6-Drawer Chest by Kincaid Furniture“Things just aren’t made the way they used to be.”Kincaid Furniture Logo

In an online shopping world of instant gratification and low prices, are you feeling nostalgic for a time when materials and craftsmanship mattered?

At Kincaid Furniture, things are made the way they used to be—and better. An industry leader in solid wood manufacturing for nearly 70 years, Kincaid furniture is destined to become tomorrow’s heirloom.

Humble Abode is proud to sell Kincaid furniture, with our premium customer service and white glove in-home delivery and set-up for worry-free online ordering.

Dovetail Drawer by Kincaid Furniture

Dovetailed Drawer

What are the hallmarks of a fine piece of furniture from Kincaid?

Masterful solid hardwood construction with woods selected for grain clarity and color

Mortise and tenon joints for strength and durability; a woodworking technique and best way to join two pieces of wood together at a 90-degree angle

English dovetail joints to all drawers front and back for a tight fit and exceptional capacity

Wood-on-wood, dovetailed, non-tilting drawer guides under drawers

Hand-rubbed finishes applied in a multi-step process that just gets better with age

Floating, self-centering top construction allows proper contraction and expansion of solid wood components with humidity changes in the home

Solid wood chairs crafted with a glue-and-screw technique across finger-jointed corners, adding strength while minimizing flex across the joint

Authentic design elements inspired by the great traditional design eras; noted for purity of line, fine classic proportions, and sparing but effective use of carving

In short, home furniture of authentic beauty and genuine quality that will last for generations.

All Kincaid furniture features the highest quality materials and utilizes the finest manufacturing techniques befitting true bench-made furniture. Some of the first blanket chests made by Kincaid in 1946 are still in use today!

Come see more outstanding Kincaid Furniture at humbleabode.com

The Sterlyn Upholstered Bed by Broyhill Furniture

The Sterlyn Upholstered Bed by Broyhill Furniture

The popularity of upholstered beds shows no signs of fading in 2013. Our bestsellers are in neutral tones that can be “dressed up” with colors and patterns trending this spring: deep jewel colors, bright contrasting hues, and geometric fabrics.

The Sterlyn Upholstered Bed by Broyhill Furniture embodies the look, with performance fabric in Serengeti, a versatile neutral tone that brightens and expands the space around it. Hand-tailored for smooth corners and straight seams, this bed has clean, classic lines that work with traditional, modern, or eclectic tastes.

It is the perfect backdrop for splashes of au courant bold colors, like Emerald (Pantone’s Color of the Year, #17-5641), bright yellows and golds (Mimosa #14-0848), or reds (Samba #19-1662) and purples (Acai #19-3628).

Express yourself with geometric fabric patterns, too, for lively accents like pillows, bedding, and linens. Stripes, triangles, and rectangles add pizazz while keeping things sophisticated.

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Bright Pantone Colors

The Innsbruck Upholstered Bed by Emerald Home

The Innsbruck Upholstered Bed by Emerald Home

Stanton Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

The Stanton Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

The buzz about opulent jewel colors trending for 2013 has got us thinking about color palettes to maximize room refreshers for spring.

Some home decorators will find tasteful ways to make Pantone’s Emerald (#17-5641) the predominant color in a room with wall paint, carpet, or a large piece of furniture. But if you’re looking for less dramatic ways to incoporate au currant colors in your room makeovers, there are plenty of less-heralded, yet posh hues to consider.

The urge to brighten things up has hit and you are looking for a color that is a cheerful complement to the space, but not ostentatious. Enter Matte Gold. Soft and luxurious, it is warmer than bolder yellows, golds, and greens, while it still offers contrast to your more subdued decor elements.

Matte Gold is especially appealing as a burnished metal finish that accentuates the lush feel of a room. The Stanton Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture is one of our bestselling beds that embodies this look. The antiqued gray-brown finish to this classic metal bed is enhanced by contrasting gold-bronze embellishmentss that highlight the bed frame and its surroundings.

We also love the the Tuxedo Daybed by Fashion Bed Group, with a gilded Gold Frost finish that will illuminate a ho-hum guest room, home office, or den.

Tuxedo Daybed by Fashion Bed Group

The Tuxedo Daybed by Fashion Bed Group

Check out these beauties and more golden home furnishings to inspire at humbleabode.com.

Brookshire Trundle Bed by Wesley Allen

Brookshire Trundle Bed by Wesley Allen

If your springtime juices for home decor projects are flowing, the color Emerald should be on your radar screen. As Pantone “Color of the Year,” it is definitely trending.

Pantone’s #17-5641 is: “Lively. Radiant. Lush. A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” Designers and decorators are embracing it in everything from paint to accent pillows.

This green, as well as other saturated jewel colors, work really well contrasted with grey, black, or brown, lifting the spirits of your furnishings, old or new.

Channel spring fever into renewing bedrooms and living spaces with a pop of unexpected color like Emerald. And let us know how you put your own twist on it.

Coventry Dining CollectionThe Coventry Dining Collection by Riverside Furniture is a relaxed yet sophisticated mix of vintage chic and French country designs. Beautifully crafted, heirloom quality furniture for cozy everyday living and entertaining in quiet luxury.

Find more dining and bedroom collections from Riverside Furniture at humbleabode.com

Hayden Place Bedroom Collection by Broyhill Furniture

This month, we are pleased to welcome one of the best names in home furnishings to our growing list of manufacturers. Broyhill Furniture is one of the most recognized furniture brands in the country, and we are excited to introduce three complete bedroom collections to get things off to a great start.

The Farnsworth, Abbott Bay, and Hayden Place bedroom collections feature solid hardwood construction and veneers, English dovetailed drawers, finished drawer interiors, and gorgeous, multi-step hand finishes. Each piece is built to last generations, with timeless designs that will never go out of style.

Whether you’re just starting out or ready to move up to heirloom-quality furnishings, you’ll want to browse the Broyhill catalog at humbleabode.com.

After all, you are not just filling a house with furniture. You are creating a home.