Felt Lined Drawers; Still Useful or Just Tradition?

Humble Abode ® —  February 6, 2010 — 1 Comment

Are felt lined drawers important to you? If the top drawers are thin, they are often felt lined to store fine jewelry. If the top drawer is a standard deep drawer and felt lined, it’s for storing fine fabric like lingerie or silk bedding. However, many people use the top drawer on a chest of drawers or bedroom dresser to store socks, which probably do not require felt lining in the bedroom drawer. We are curious of how many people actually need the felt lining. Regardless, it’s nice to have and through tradition, it’s become an indicator of quality furniture. Furniture today typically have fine sanded wood inside drawers so fine fabric may not snag anyway. Sure it helps sell furniture but do customers really use the top drawer to store items needing a felt lined top drawer?

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One response to Felt Lined Drawers; Still Useful or Just Tradition?


    No, not really. Nice but I’d rather have a deeper drawers.

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