Furniture Lingo

Humble Abode ® —  February 6, 2010 — 12 Comments

People in the furniture industry have created furniture industry lingo. Some are real words with real definitions. Others are used often in the furniture industry but cannot be found in the dictionary.

Know of furniture industry lingo you can share? Others that do not work in the furniture or interior design industry would appreciate the education.

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12 responses to Furniture Lingo


    Caster Cup: furniture can sometimes be on casters, even though it is intented to be stationary. For example, desks, old bed frames, kitchen islands, etc. sometimes have wheels on the bottom. A caster cup is a shallow cup made of glass or plastic that keeps the furniture from rolling and protects the floor.


    Bedstead: the frame of a bed including headboard, footboard and frame or platform bed. Everything that supports the mattress and boxspring foundation. Does not include the mattress, boxspring, bedding or pillows. Dates back to the 15th century.


    Case Goods: nightstands, dressers and chest of drawers are referred to as case goods because they are typically shipped fully assembled.


    One to Go, One to Show: furniture retailers will often try new designs buy one unit to show on the showroom floor and another to Go from stocking inventory available immediately for customers


    Flat Packed: unassembled furniture is stacked flat in boxes for efficient storage and shipping.


    Knock Down (KD): furniture is shipped unassembled and stacked flat in boxes. KD furniture saves storage space and saves on warehouse and shipping expenses. While knock down furniture does require more assembly, it is typically more affordable.


    In the Can: The item is in a 20 ft or 40 ft container.


    On the Water: The item is manufactured overseas and is in a container on a ship headed your way.


    Davenport: Another name for a sofa.

    “Take a nap on the Davenport.”


    Chesterfield: Another name for a sofa.

    Please come in and have a seat on the chesterfield.


    Bucket Over Base: often bar stools and counter chairs are packaged for shipping where the seat and the back are packed upside down over the chair legs or base. This does add a lot of savings in shipping. Many times, when customers order bar stools and counter stools online, they will arrive “bucket over base” for quick and easy assembly.

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