Platform Bed vs Low Profile Bed

Humble Abode ® —  May 29, 2010 — 4 Comments

Platform beds do not require a box spring. The mattress rests on slats. Low profile beds do require a box spring. On low profile beds, the mattress and frame a lower to the floor than typical box spring frames. When sheets and a comforter are on a low profile bed, it has a look similar to a platform bed.

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4 responses to Platform Bed vs Low Profile Bed

    Victoria Ammerman August 28, 2012 at 7:23 am

    On a platform bed, do the slats make noise when there is movement on the bed? I have an old bed (inherited from my grandmother) that makes noises when you move in bed, even turning over. It has a box spring and mattress, but the supports are wooden slats.


      Hi Victoria. It sounds like your antique bed is actually a low profile bed, not a platform bed, because it has a mattess and a box spring. Platform beds require the mattress only. Most modern bed manufacturers pre-drill holes where each slat meets the side rail support. This way you can use wood screws to secure the slats in place to avoid movement or noise. We recommend you check your bed to see if you can drill holes in the side support, then use screws to anchor them in place. Good luck!


    Platform bed frame slats are typically less expensive than a box spring and steel side rail bed frames.


    While it is a controversial, most people feel box springs with a low profile frame are not more comfortable than a slatted platform bed frame.

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