Daybeds or Trundle Beds:What’s the Difference?

Humble Abode ® —  June 11, 2010 — Leave a comment
  1. Daybeds have a decorative back. This certainly changes the look. Here is a strange situation you might not have thought about. Daybeds or trundle beds with a twin pop up trundle bed makes a king bed, perfect for guest couples. You can only crawl into a daybed from one side. That means the person on the daybed will have to crawl over the person on the trundle and probably wake them up.  If the grandparents in your guest room are not as agile as they used to be, this could be a major inconvenience. If it were are a trundle bed with headboard, footboard and pop up trundle, you can crawl into bed from either side.
  2. Drawer trundles are trundle beds with a decorative drawer face on the trundle giving it a cabinetry effect when the trundle is stored under the bed. Drawer trundle beds are more common on daybeds that trundle beds.
  3. Some trundle beds have one row of under-bed storage drawers and one row for a drawer trundle bed.
  4. Trundle beds are strictly for sleeping while daybeds can also seem a bit like a couch. Although when a twin trundle bed is against a wall with lots of pillows, it can have the same welcoming feel.
  5. Trundle beds are often priced lower than trundle beds.
  6. Daybeds are typically more traditional. You have more contemporary choices with trundle beds. The are some modern daybeds out there but most daybed frames are more traditional.
  7. Trundle bed frames are sometimes available in full size while daybeds are almost always strictly twin size

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