Holiday Dining Tables, and the Rest of the Year

Humble Abode ® —  October 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

History tells us that people who work together, do better. Dining tables help bring family and friends together better than any other type of furniture. It’s a good investment in your future. The dining table is the platform for gatherings during evening meal, weekend socials and the holiday celebrations. There are so many styles of dining tables out there. Start by narrowing down sizes, types, and materials and then your design style just might jump out at you.

  • Size – How many people need to sit at the table at one time? Maybe you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and where is everyone going to sit? Consider the number of seats required on a typical weekday, typical dinner guests, and a holiday gathering. Most find the holiday gathering situation to require the upper extreme of the seating requirements range, and the least frequent occasion. While hosting a holiday meal is a big event, it’s not worth being inconvenienced the rest of the year because you purchased too much dinner table. During holiday gatherings, it seems natural to have tight place-settings or temporary table seating to accommodate a houseful. Dining tables typically seat four, six or eight people. Many tables can expand from four to six seats or six to eight seats with a drop leaf, insert leaf or butterfly leaf.
  • Standard or Counter Table Height – Counter Height Tables are about 36″ tall and Standard Table Height Tables is about 29″ tall. Counter height dining tables have become popular today. Considered a more casual table, counter tables are often referred to as a gathering table. Then again, the traditional table height is still the most common and will never be out of style.
  • Material – Wood dining tables are most popular and available in many wood types and finishes. There are iron and metal table bases that work well with a wood or glass top. Hammered copper dining tables are a little more expensive but beautiful hand forged pieces of art.
  • Shape – round, ovel, square, rectangle

Counter Height Dining Table

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