Swivel Seats: Memory, 360 Degree or Non-Swivel Chairs

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Dining chairsbarstools and counter stools are either non-swivel, 360 degree swivel or memory swivel.

Swivel Seats and Memory Swivel Seats, Barstools and CounterstoolsNon-Swivel Seats – typically less expensive but can also wear out the seat cushion fabric faster from more abrasion when getting in and out of the seat.

360 Degree Swivel Seats – The seat just spins and spins. Unattended young children love to play on a swivel chair. “Let’s see who can get the chair to spin the longest” or “Try to stay on the stool while I spin it”. Swivel seats can make a big difference in helping elderly people get in and out of the seat. It is harder to keep the chairs lined up so the down side is that you have to frequently straighten out the seat nearly everytime someone uses it.

Memory Swivel Seats – the seat typically spins 180 degrees and is spring loaded so when a person leaves the chair, it springs back to align with the table. It’s like having a built in maid that straightens up the counter stools to face forward after every person leaves.

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