Utilize Air Space with Pot Racks

Humble Abode —  October 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

Siena Ceiling Pot Rack (PR-40232)

Most air space in the home is un-utilized or under-utilized. The kitchen is one room where air space can be easily made useful. While cabinets provide storage space from floor to ceiling, these are most often placed against a wall. Expand storage capacity with a pot rack. Hanging pots and / or pans from a rack accomplishes 4 things. First, air space is put to good use. Second, storage space in cabinets is freed up for other kitchen supplies. Third, the equipment you need is readily at hand and lastly, hanging your collection of pots and pans looks great! There are a number of pot rack solutions suitable for any kitchen. 

Dijon Half Round Wall Pot Rack (PR-40904)

Humble Abode


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