Coffee Beans: Scoop or Scale?

Humble Abode ® —  October 23, 2010 — Leave a comment

Preparing a consistent cup of coffee. Blog by Humble AbodeCoffee is a morning routine for millions of people and more than anything, people want consistency of strength. Over the years, people have developed many different methods for making a delicious cup of coffee. First, there is the region of the world in which the coffee was grown. Then light roast, medium roast, dark roast and any combination of the three. How much coffee is used and was it measured by volume with a scoop or by weight with a scale? Whole beans with a dark roast weigh more than light roast beans. A scale seems to produce more consistency than a measuring cup. How fine is the coffee ground? There is the French press, drip coffee machine, espresso machine, and more. Was it stirred and how long did it steep? Some like it black, some like sugar, cream, flavored syrup, etc. Regular or decaf? Of all the different factors affecting coffee, the strength of the coffee seems to be the most sensitive. Regardless of the coffee recipe you or your local barista use, most people want consistency above all.

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