Memory Foam Mattresses: A Quick Primer

Humble Abode —  October 26, 2010 — Leave a comment
Ocean Crest Comfort Series Memory Foam Mattress by Sealy

Ocean Crest Comfort Series Memory Foam Mattress by Sealy

Memory foam mattresses are becoming ever more popular. People are switching from the traditional inner coil to memory foam when replacing their old mattress. There are still questions surrounding memory foam. Is a switch to a memory foam mattress the correct one to make?  Memory foam was developed in conjunction with NASA. They were looking for a material to make air travel cushions safer and more comfortable. When the use of this material was released to the public for general use, the unique properties of the foam were recognized as being beneficial to people who were incapacitated and had to remain prone for long periods of time. The memory foam greatly reduced the incidence of bedsores and other ailments. The next logical step was to develop and produce a mattress of memory foam for general use. Memory foam is made with differing densities. Generally speaking, a higher density memory foam is more temperature sensitive and reacts to body heat, whereas a lower density foam is more reactive to pressure. In both cases, the foam molds to the body, reacting to heat and pressure. Many memory foam mattresses are made by combining layers of memory foam of varying densities to create a sleep surface that is both supportive and comfortable. Another property of memory foam is that it absorbs the energy of movement. In the case of a mattress, when one person moves, the energy of the motion is absorbed by the mattress. One person is less likely to feel the movement of their partner when they turn over. Because memory foam mattresses do not contain the traditional inner springs, it is more difficult to rate the “plushness” or “firmness” of the mattress. The very nature of memory foam means one person may feel a mattress as “soft” and another may feel the mattress as “more firm”. One common factor in describing the comfort of a memory foam mattress is that a person tends to feel as though they are sleeping “in” the mattress rather than “on” the mattress. We invite comments on the way you experience sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

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