Kitchen Scrap Compost

Humble Abode —  November 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

If you don’t have a compost pile started or ongoing, what are you waiting for? Compost is a mulch, soil amendment and plant food all in one! Composting is easy to start. All that’s required is an area convenient to both kitchen and garden where you can begin a compost pile. While a free form compost pile does just as well, building a frame or purchasing a composting bin or DIY kit at the home improvement store will keep your project neater. The two ingredients to successful composting are green material such as yard and grass clippings and kitchen scraps from vegetable preparation and dry brown material like all those leaves dropping from the trees. Mix the two components together, keep them moist and nature does the rest. It is good to turn over the compost pile once every week or two to assist the microbes and worms as they break down the fuel into wonderful brown compost. Do not add meat, dairy, pet waste or ash from your charcoal grill to the compost pile. Once you have your compost pile setup, make it a point to have a container in the kitchen to collect potato and carrot peelings, egg shells, lettuce that didn’t make it into the salad and all other vegetable trimmings. It is amazing how much will be collected and how quickly the compost pile will grow. All those scraps making great compost for your kitchen or flower garden would have gone into a landfill. In the long run, we all win!  Humble Abode invites you to share your composting success stories with us!

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