Prevent Egg Yolks Turning Black

Humble Abode —  February 2, 2011 — Leave a comment

There are a couple of techniques when hard cooking eggs to prevent the yolks from turning green/black.  Eggs naturally contain iron and sulfur.  The chemical reaction that occurs when eggs are cooked will turn the circumference of the egg yolk a greenish black.  While the  egg is safe to eat, the discoloration is a bit unsightly.  To prevent this chemical reaction from changing the color of the yolk, first cook the eggs slowly.  Cooking eggs at a high temperature toughens the egg and of course cooks the egg too fast.  Once the eggs are cooked, place them in cold water and ice.  This will stop the cooking and facilitate the cooling process. As you put the eggs in the cold water bath, gently crack the shell of each egg.  This simple action allows the sulfur in the egg to escape and assists in preventing the yolk from turning color.  It also cools the egg faster assuring a perfectly hard cooked egg!

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