Decorating with Pillows

Humble Abode —  March 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

Adding pillows to a sofa or chair accessorizes, putting a final very personal touch to a room. A couple of ideas to keep front of mind when choosing pillows are the number of pillows and size. When choosing pillows for a sofa, use two pairs. A single pair looks too spare. Two pairs of pillows look better, giving an appearance of lushness and a visual sense of fullness. When choosing the pillows, the pairs should be in a different but complementing color and/or pattern and different textured fabrics. Be creative. Have fun mixing colors and textures! Choose pillows of an appropriate size for the sofa, but they shouldn’t be too small. Large lush pillows send an invitation to guests to sit and linger. A large soft pillow is just right as an arm rest and feels great sitting next to.

Humble Abode


I am the Merchandise Manager for Humble Abode. I am located in Santa Rosa, California. Santa Rosa is approximately 60 miles north of San Francisco in beautiful Sonoma County, part of California's wine country. Humble Abode is an online retailer of furniture and furnishings offering a wide selection of furniture for sale to suit every taste and budget.

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