Be Square and Get More from Raised Garden Beds

Humble Abode ® —  April 10, 2012 — 1 Comment

Everything you need to build a square raised garden bed

Ever wonder why raised gardens are typically rectangular? Maybe we have been planting in rows for so long it’s instinctive and, we assume, “correct.” I would rather have two 4′ square raised garden beds than one typical 4′ x 8′ size.

Depending on the size of your space, one garden bed may be enough. You could still plant in rows if you like, but you may want to look into square foot planting, to maximize the yield of your garden. Just one raised garden bed yields a lot of vegetables.

Consider the benefits of square raised beds:

  1. Save your back, with less bending and reaching
  2. 1 person can carry lumber and materials that will fit in a car
  3. Fit in more spaces in your yard
  4. Assemble and build on concrete
  5. No walking on soil for healthier garden
  6. Limit digging or damage by pets
  7. Easy and efficient maintenance
  8. Keep your shoes clean

Square raised beds make for more efficient gardening that can fit in any backyard. Best of all, it makes this project really simple and fast.

Tools and Materials:

  1. Buy one 16′ x 2″ x 10″ board and cut into 4 – 4′ long boards (Most lumber yards and home improvement stores will cut into 4′ pieces for you)
  2. Buy two 8′ x 2″ x 4″ boards and cut into 4 – 2′ x 2″ x 4″ pieces angled at one end for ground stakes (Ask your retailer to cut down to fit them in a smaller car)
  3. Deck Screws 3″ – 1 box of 50
  4. Cordless Drill

Simple Assembly:

  1. Set up the 4′ x 2″ x 10″ pieces on your driveway, square them up, and put four screws in each corner
  2. Gather and sort the 2′ long stakes with a point on one end
  3. Select the location, level the ground, and loosen dirt before placing frame over it (for improved drainage)
  4. Pound two stakes on the outside of each side with two screws in each stake
  5. Fill with quality planting soil and start planting!

Do you have raised garden beds? Please let us know if you have any tips to share.

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One response to Be Square and Get More from Raised Garden Beds


    On this project we had Home Depot cut the boards and a young man marked at 4 ft, 8ft and 12ft. We got home to discover 2 of the boards were short and the last one was extra long. If the width of the saw blade is 1/8 inch, mark the board at 4ft, 8ft 1/8″ and 12′ 1/4″. The most precise is to mark 4ft & cut, mark another 4ft & cut, etc. The veteran cut man at Home Depot got a chuckle and probably gave the young guy a hard time. He had a stack of 4 newly cut boards precisely 4ft waiting for us.

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