BBQ Grillers, Start Your Engines!

Humble Abode —  May 18, 2012 — Leave a comment

Get ready for grilling season

We’re salivating just thinking about the aromas of burgers, kabobs, salmon, and veggies crackling on the grill. Smart backyard cooks know doing a pre-season grill tune-up is essential for a great Memorial Day meal to kickoff summer.

Our gas grill checklist:

  • Start with the owner’s manual for best ways to clean your grill
  • Pay special attention to the grease trap
  • Clear out any dust, debris, spider nests, etc.
  • Inspect for broken parts, and for holes, cracks, and brittle areas on hoses
  • Mix a little dish soap with water in a spray bottle, turn on the gas, and spray connections and hose to look for bubbles, indicating leaks. Tighten loose connections and replace the hose if necessary
  • Follow a good clean-up routine after each use to prolong your grill’s life, performance, and safety

You now have the green flag to indulge your passion for excellent barbeque!

Any of you BBQ veterans want to share a grilling tip?

Humble Abode


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