Do You Have a CSA? (Community Supported Agriculture)

Humble Abode —  June 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

Produce at Full Belly Farm CSA

You may not know it, but there is probably a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group nearby that could dramatically change how you shop for fresh produce. Not to mention your family’s diet and health.

Thanks to the efforts of many people who have devoted their lives to small organic farms and community gardens, there are co-ops and farmers markets thriving just about everywhere, including urban areas. Tired of soaring prices and declining quality in the big grocery chain stores?

Consider how easy it is to share in the bounty your community growers offer:

  • Visit to find a CSA near you
  • Go to the CSA’s website, or visit in person, and complete a membership form
  • Pay a very reasonable membership fee
  • Choose a central delivery/pick-up area
  • Receive a weekly box of fresh seasonal organic produce

Produce display at Full Belly Farm in Sacramento, CAPrograms vary in cost and service, and depending on your membership level, each box holds about enough produce to feed a family of two or four.

Full Belly Farm is a 300-acre certified organic farm near Sacramento, California, which exemplifies how a great CSA works. Every week they bring exceptional produce to a market hungry for alternatives to pesticide-laden, genetically engineered, and highly processed foods.

These photos were taken by a Humble Abode office mate who attended last fall’s “Hoes Down Harvest Festival” at Full Belly Farm. Thanks, Thea!

Do you have a favorite Community Supported Agriculture group? Spread the word…

[ Learn more about CSAs in your neighborhood ]

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