In the Mood: Use Color for Bedroom Makeover Magic

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Cape Cod Bedroom Suite in Buttermilk by Fashion Bed Group

What does the color of your bedroom say about you?

Decorating a room in blues and other cool colors like green and lavender reflect a soft, soothing atmosphere. Warmer colors in shades of red, orange, and yellow create a subconscious feeling of sunlight, which in turn suggests strength and vitality.

Bedroom wall colors create either a feeling of coziness in a larger room or spaciousness in a small one. Warm and darker colors make the walls seem closer, so a large bedroom feels intimate with brown or terra cotta paint. Visually enlarge a tiny bedroom by painting the wall in cool colors that remind you of water and sky, making the walls appear to recede.

After paint, the type and finish of furniture characterizes the mood of a room more than anything else. Bedroom and guest room furniture either blends into the walls, making the room appear larger, or contrasts with the walls to create the illusion of a smaller space.

Cape Cod Bedroom Suite in Ebony, by Fashion Bed Group

One of the fundamentals of home decorating is balance and contrast. Try pairing lighter furniture such as pine with darker walls, and deep espresso- or mocha-finished furniture with lighter walls so your new furniture stands out without visually impairing size perception.

Consider the size of your bedroom first, then the amount of natural light available and what “feel” you want to create. After painting the walls in a yummy color, look for the color of furniture to work your decorating magic.

Whether your taste runs to curvy and feminine, or a more masculine linear style (and no matter what your budget), there is a fabulous universe of furniture materials and colors to explore for your bedroom makeover.

Do you have a color tip to share?

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