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From our family to yours, we wish you a safe, festive, and delicious Thanksgiving Holiday 2012!

All family members should learn to swim

The grainy cell phone video clip was enhanced with a circular highlight on a small child in a crowded public swimming pool. No one, including the on-duty lifeguard, noticed the child slip off his raft, fall into the water, and disappear. By the time the child was discovered at the bottom of the pool, it was too late to revive him.

Some variation on this nightmare scenario plays out on average ten times a day each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control website. “Fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death behind motor vehicle crashes” for children between the ages of  1 and 14.” An astounding, heartbreaking statistic, isn’t it?

People have flocked to beaches and public pools to escape the intense heat of this record-breaking summer. Sadly, accidental drownings have spiked in 2012, too. Let’s pause to remember the main factors that the CDC says affect drowning risk:

  • Lack of Swimming Ability: Get swimming lessons for all family members, but especially children
  • Lack of Close Supervision: Drowning can happen quickly and quietly anywhere there is water, even with lifeguards nearby
  • Lack of Barriers: Childproofed pools reduce a child’s risk of drowning by 83%
  • Location: Most children ages 1-4 drown in home swimming pools; the percentage of drownings in natural water settings, including lakes, rivers and oceans, increases with age
  • Alcohol Use: Alcohol influences balance, coordination, and judgment, and its effects are heightened by sun exposure and heat; among adolescents and adults, alcohol is involved in up to 70% of water recreation deaths

What can you do to reduce drowning risk while still having fun?

  • Supervise when in or around water & use the buddy system
  • Learn to swim & learn CPR – Get your kids started on swimming lessons as early as possible
  • Air-filled or foam toys are not safety devices – Don’t use them instead of life jackets
  • Avoid alcohol, especially when supervising children
  • Know the local weather conditions and forecast before swimming or boating
  • If you have a swimming pool at home, install four-sided fencing at least four feet high, with self-closing safety latches; clear the deck of toys and floats after use

This is just a short list of reminders. There are many more things you should know when boating or swimming in natural water settings like lakes, rivers, and oceans. Check out the CDC Factlist.

Is safety at the top of your summer fun list?

A little girl cools off in a sprinklerAlthough much of the U.S. will experience some relief from recordbreaking heat soon, Summer 2012 is really just getting cranked up. Here are some reminders about coping with extreme heat and how to avoid heat illness.

  • Drink a lot more (non-alcoholic, non-sugary) fluids, especially water. Don’t wait until you are thirsty; keep sipping throughout the day. (Do check with your doctor if you take water pills or are supposed to limit intake.)
  • Avoid very cold drinks – they can cause stomach cramps.
  • Stay indoors, preferably with air conditioning on. If you don’t have AC, look for a public space like a shopping mall or public library that is air conditioned. There also may be heat-relief centers in your area.
  • Fans may help, but won’t prevent heat illness;  take a cool shower or bath instead.
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen (“broad spectrum”  SPF 15 or higher)
  • NEVER leave anyone – including pets – in a closed, parked vehicle!
  • Limit outdoor activities to morning and evening hours
  • Slow down on exercise; drink even more fluids; sports drinks can replace salt and minerals you lose in sweat (On a low-salt diet? Talk to your doctor.)
  • Rest often in shady areas.Swarming the beaches to escape the heat wave
  • Beware of spoiled food, particularly after power outages
  • Stay tuned to local news and weather reports
  • Know the symptoms of heat illness and basic first aid. Find detailed info at the CDC website:
  • Check in regularly (at least every few hours) on high-risk folks:
    • People 65 and older
    • Infants and young children
    • People who are physically ill, especially with heart disease or high blood pressure
    • People who have a mental illness

    Did we leave anything important off our list? Please add your own tips in a comment!

The incandescent light bulb has had a good run. More than a century after Thomas Edison advanced the science of electrical lighting, it’s hard to imagine life without it.

Today, what was once miraculous is outdated and quickly disappearing into the clouds of history, eclipsed by less expensive, more energy efficient technologies.

The improved efficiency and longer life of compact flourescent bulbs continue our transition to better energy solutions, but the toxic mercury they contain makes safe  disposal an issue. The race is on to find the next, better bulb.

Launched on Earth Day this year, the Philips “L Prize” LED bulb is the latest contender in the light bulb sweepstakes. It is a state-of-the-art breakthough in LED technology, yet only the beginning of what’s to come.

Will you pay $40 for a high-tech light bulb that will last twenty years, lower your energy bill,
and be better for the environment?

[ Learn more about the first light bulbs ]

[ More about mercury toxicity and disposal issues ]

Good African Coffee

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While we’re on the subject of coffee…We saw the article about Good African Coffee in the New York Times Magazine and became instant fans. It is a great read for all, not just the coffee obsessed. Meet Andrew and get a glimpse into the new world of entrepreneurship happening in Africa.

Good African.

Black Friday Sneak Peek

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Get a head start on what has in store for our Black Friday Sale! We are so very thankful for all our valued customers that we simply want to give something back.  How about one of our longest running Top Selling item perfect for every home. Curious? All you have to do to find out about our Gang Buster Sale is to visit our Facebook page, you will ‘Like’ us, and then E-mail Us at  and simply enter ‘Black Friday Sale’ in the Subject line . The special is only for a limited time and quantities are expected to run out fast!


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Phrases like ‘Novembeard’, ‘No-Shave November’, ‘No Hair November’, ‘No Make Up November’, etc. are flooding the media for just causes helping to raise money and create awareness. What some things that you are doing this month? Please share your stories, charities, causes, and links.

The buzz is in the air that Black Friday is starting this year for stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc. on Thanksgiving Day at 9 PM. What kind of message is this sending us? Is the day intended to be thankful going to become a day of waiting in line and shopping for top deals of the year? What is going to happen to the hundred of thousand employees that have to work? Will Thanksgiving be faded out completely?

At, we are reminded everyday of how thankful we are from all our valued customers.