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The Sterlyn Upholstered Bed by Broyhill Furniture

The Sterlyn Upholstered Bed by Broyhill Furniture

The popularity of upholstered beds shows no signs of fading in 2013. Our bestsellers are in neutral tones that can be “dressed up” with colors and patterns trending this spring: deep jewel colors, bright contrasting hues, and geometric fabrics.

The Sterlyn Upholstered Bed by Broyhill Furniture embodies the look, with performance fabric in Serengeti, a versatile neutral tone that brightens and expands the space around it. Hand-tailored for smooth corners and straight seams, this bed has clean, classic lines that work with traditional, modern, or eclectic tastes.

It is the perfect backdrop for splashes of au courant bold colors, like Emerald (Pantone’s Color of the Year, #17-5641), bright yellows and golds (Mimosa #14-0848), or reds (Samba #19-1662) and purples (Acai #19-3628).

Express yourself with geometric fabric patterns, too, for lively accents like pillows, bedding, and linens. Stripes, triangles, and rectangles add pizazz while keeping things sophisticated.

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Bright Pantone Colors

The Innsbruck Upholstered Bed by Emerald Home

The Innsbruck Upholstered Bed by Emerald Home

Stanton Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

The Stanton Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

The buzz about opulent jewel colors trending for 2013 has got us thinking about color palettes to maximize room refreshers for spring.

Some home decorators will find tasteful ways to make Pantone’s Emerald (#17-5641) the predominant color in a room with wall paint, carpet, or a large piece of furniture. But if you’re looking for less dramatic ways to incoporate au currant colors in your room makeovers, there are plenty of less-heralded, yet posh hues to consider.

The urge to brighten things up has hit and you are looking for a color that is a cheerful complement to the space, but not ostentatious. Enter Matte Gold. Soft and luxurious, it is warmer than bolder yellows, golds, and greens, while it still offers contrast to your more subdued decor elements.

Matte Gold is especially appealing as a burnished metal finish that accentuates the lush feel of a room. The Stanton Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture is one of our bestselling beds that embodies this look. The antiqued gray-brown finish to this classic metal bed is enhanced by contrasting gold-bronze embellishmentss that highlight the bed frame and its surroundings.

We also love the the Tuxedo Daybed by Fashion Bed Group, with a gilded Gold Frost finish that will illuminate a ho-hum guest room, home office, or den.

Tuxedo Daybed by Fashion Bed Group

The Tuxedo Daybed by Fashion Bed Group

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Brookshire Trundle Bed by Wesley Allen

Brookshire Trundle Bed by Wesley Allen

If your springtime juices for home decor projects are flowing, the color Emerald should be on your radar screen. As Pantone “Color of the Year,” it is definitely trending.

Pantone’s #17-5641 is: “Lively. Radiant. Lush. A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” Designers and decorators are embracing it in everything from paint to accent pillows.

This green, as well as other saturated jewel colors, work really well contrasted with grey, black, or brown, lifting the spirits of your furnishings, old or new.

Channel spring fever into renewing bedrooms and living spaces with a pop of unexpected color like Emerald. And let us know how you put your own twist on it.

Sprinkling Can

Spray paint faded upholstery?

Liquid Stainless Steel for reviving old appliances?

High-heat enamel spray paint to update fireplace inserts?

Who knew?

We stumbled upon Kristie Barnett’s Decorologist blog, and this post about spray paint had us scratching our heads and asking ourselves how we didn’t know this already. Spray paint has come a long way from the limited uses we remember and we thought our readers might enjoy these new do-it-yourself possibilities.

Thanks, Kristie!

7 Things You Never Thought You Could Spray Paint!.

Cherry Garden Wood Low Profile Sleigh Bed by A-America

Cherry Garden Wood Low Profile Sleigh Bed by A-America

You can see the finished room in your head. After dreaming in color about paint, carpet, and furniture, you’ve finally made it to the really fun part. Your new furniture is delivered and excitement builds for a weekend of unpacking boxes and putting everything in place.

Then the unthinkable happens: The furniture that was so perfectly scaled in your mind when you placed your online order does not fit. You’ve spent a lot of time and money on a makeover project that has gone terribly wrong. Let’s face it: You are seriously bummed.

This online furniture shopper’s nightmare doesn’t have to happen to you. Ever. All you need to do is remember a simple 16th century proverb that is gospel to all carpenters: “Measure twice, cut once.”

Like everything else in life where it is important to think before you act – like getting married or buying a car – you’ll get better results if you plan and prepare carefully before buying anything.

Use a tape measure to accurately measure every possible part of the space for the new furniture. Humble Abode displays detailed product dimensions online and good furniture retailers have product dimensions easily accessible. If you fall in love with a couch, don’t make any assumptions. Take a little extra time to find its measurements on the product page, then compare those measurements to the room measurements you have taken – twice!

Be careful, do the math upfront, and you are much less likely to make a costly mistake. And much more likely to love your beautifully updated new room.

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2012 Perseid Meteor Showers Peak Soon

Millions of us will shift our focus from Mars to the stars in a few days as the Perseid meteor showers build toward a grand finale Saturday night, August 12-13, 2012.

The crescent moon will not interfere the last few hours before dawn Sunday morning, when there could be up to 100 “shooting stars” per hour.

Try to orient yourself toward the Northeast, where meteoroids will appear to “rain” down from the inverted “Y” of the constellation Perseus as it rises around midnight.

Look for a viewing spot as far away as possible from city lights, trees, and buildings to expand dark areas of the sky and increase the number of visisble meteors.Watch for Perseus to rise in the Northeast sky after midnight

All you need to enjoy this awesome spectacle are warm clothes, blankets, comfortable chairs, and some favorite snacks. Oh, and someone to snuggle and ooh-and-ahh with!

Our fingers are crossed in hopes of good weather and cloudless skies in your neck of the woods.

Will you watch the Perseid meteor showers this weekend?
Do you have a viewing tip to share?

Cape Cod Bedroom Suite in Buttermilk by Fashion Bed Group

What does the color of your bedroom say about you?

Decorating a room in blues and other cool colors like green and lavender reflect a soft, soothing atmosphere. Warmer colors in shades of red, orange, and yellow create a subconscious feeling of sunlight, which in turn suggests strength and vitality.

Bedroom wall colors create either a feeling of coziness in a larger room or spaciousness in a small one. Warm and darker colors make the walls seem closer, so a large bedroom feels intimate with brown or terra cotta paint. Visually enlarge a tiny bedroom by painting the wall in cool colors that remind you of water and sky, making the walls appear to recede.

After paint, the type and finish of furniture characterizes the mood of a room more than anything else. Bedroom and guest room furniture either blends into the walls, making the room appear larger, or contrasts with the walls to create the illusion of a smaller space.

Cape Cod Bedroom Suite in Ebony, by Fashion Bed Group

One of the fundamentals of home decorating is balance and contrast. Try pairing lighter furniture such as pine with darker walls, and deep espresso- or mocha-finished furniture with lighter walls so your new furniture stands out without visually impairing size perception.

Consider the size of your bedroom first, then the amount of natural light available and what “feel” you want to create. After painting the walls in a yummy color, look for the color of furniture to work your decorating magic.

Whether your taste runs to curvy and feminine, or a more masculine linear style (and no matter what your budget), there is a fabulous universe of furniture materials and colors to explore for your bedroom makeover.

Do you have a color tip to share?

2012 Poll of average number of hours slept

Are you one of those perky morning people who wakes up alarm-free, ready to take on the day? I have a friend who insists, “If you’re standing still, you’re waiting to die.” Harsh—makes me feel like a total slacker.

I relate more to cartoonist Nicole Hollander’s alter-ego, Sylvia, who writes: “I will try to be understanding of others….I will try to be more patient when dealing with the incompetent people around me….I will not slap anyone first thing in the morning.” At the office, I am known as the “Coffee Zombie.” Enough said?

According to 2012 research reported by the National Sleep Foundation, I am one of about 20% of the American population who needs to sleep nine hours or more on the weekends. 24% of us Baby Boomers average under seven hours of sleep on weekdays, spending much of our lives longing for the weekend so we can sleep in.

Generations X, Y, and Z (there’s a “Z” already?) have a tendency to sleep less because they are often texting on their phones before they go to sleep. They may sleep in on the weekends, but that’s because they’re up late having fun, which is insult to injury for Boomers.

For the rest of you out there who are shopping for a new mattress in search of a better night’s sleep, here are a few interesting details from the NSF‘s study of consumer sleep patterns.

Sweet dreams.

Which group are you in? Do you love your mattress?

Thanks to Sandow Media LLC, for poll statistics

All family members should learn to swim

The grainy cell phone video clip was enhanced with a circular highlight on a small child in a crowded public swimming pool. No one, including the on-duty lifeguard, noticed the child slip off his raft, fall into the water, and disappear. By the time the child was discovered at the bottom of the pool, it was too late to revive him.

Some variation on this nightmare scenario plays out on average ten times a day each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control website. “Fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death behind motor vehicle crashes” for children between the ages of  1 and 14.” An astounding, heartbreaking statistic, isn’t it?

People have flocked to beaches and public pools to escape the intense heat of this record-breaking summer. Sadly, accidental drownings have spiked in 2012, too. Let’s pause to remember the main factors that the CDC says affect drowning risk:

  • Lack of Swimming Ability: Get swimming lessons for all family members, but especially children
  • Lack of Close Supervision: Drowning can happen quickly and quietly anywhere there is water, even with lifeguards nearby
  • Lack of Barriers: Childproofed pools reduce a child’s risk of drowning by 83%
  • Location: Most children ages 1-4 drown in home swimming pools; the percentage of drownings in natural water settings, including lakes, rivers and oceans, increases with age
  • Alcohol Use: Alcohol influences balance, coordination, and judgment, and its effects are heightened by sun exposure and heat; among adolescents and adults, alcohol is involved in up to 70% of water recreation deaths

What can you do to reduce drowning risk while still having fun?

  • Supervise when in or around water & use the buddy system
  • Learn to swim & learn CPR – Get your kids started on swimming lessons as early as possible
  • Air-filled or foam toys are not safety devices – Don’t use them instead of life jackets
  • Avoid alcohol, especially when supervising children
  • Know the local weather conditions and forecast before swimming or boating
  • If you have a swimming pool at home, install four-sided fencing at least four feet high, with self-closing safety latches; clear the deck of toys and floats after use

This is just a short list of reminders. There are many more things you should know when boating or swimming in natural water settings like lakes, rivers, and oceans. Check out the CDC Factlist.

Is safety at the top of your summer fun list?

A little girl cools off in a sprinklerAlthough much of the U.S. will experience some relief from recordbreaking heat soon, Summer 2012 is really just getting cranked up. Here are some reminders about coping with extreme heat and how to avoid heat illness.

  • Drink a lot more (non-alcoholic, non-sugary) fluids, especially water. Don’t wait until you are thirsty; keep sipping throughout the day. (Do check with your doctor if you take water pills or are supposed to limit intake.)
  • Avoid very cold drinks – they can cause stomach cramps.
  • Stay indoors, preferably with air conditioning on. If you don’t have AC, look for a public space like a shopping mall or public library that is air conditioned. There also may be heat-relief centers in your area.
  • Fans may help, but won’t prevent heat illness;  take a cool shower or bath instead.
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen (“broad spectrum”  SPF 15 or higher)
  • NEVER leave anyone – including pets – in a closed, parked vehicle!
  • Limit outdoor activities to morning and evening hours
  • Slow down on exercise; drink even more fluids; sports drinks can replace salt and minerals you lose in sweat (On a low-salt diet? Talk to your doctor.)
  • Rest often in shady areas.Swarming the beaches to escape the heat wave
  • Beware of spoiled food, particularly after power outages
  • Stay tuned to local news and weather reports
  • Know the symptoms of heat illness and basic first aid. Find detailed info at the CDC website:
  • Check in regularly (at least every few hours) on high-risk folks:
    • People 65 and older
    • Infants and young children
    • People who are physically ill, especially with heart disease or high blood pressure
    • People who have a mental illness

    Did we leave anything important off our list? Please add your own tips in a comment!